The Purpose of Deacons

First Baptist Cleveland is a big church. We rank 6th out of hundreds of churches in Tennessee. Proper oversight and management of the church requires a lot of people– the majority of whom are volunteers.

Servant leadership is the primary purpose of a Deacon at First Baptist Cleveland. Deacons serve in a myriad of important ministries such as encouragement and visitation to practical help like parking and offering, to prayer and church leadership.

Biblical Qualifications

In the Bible, specific qualities are listed as requirements to serve as a Deacon. Many of these qualities can be summed up to a short list.

  • Church Membership
  • Husband of one wife
  • Follower of Jesus
  • Actively serving in the church
  • History of giving
  • A person of integrity

Thank you for nominating deacons to serve!

The period for First Baptist Cleveland members to nominate men to serve as deacon in 2018 is now closed. Thank you for participating in this important part of church service.

Ineligible for Nomination

Adam Elder
Bart Walker
Benny Kirksey
Bryce Kirksey
Chris Wilds
Cliff Eason
Cole Strong
Coty McFarland
Dan Allison
Dave Gregory
Dave Luzader
David Chaffin
David Hicks
David Turpin
Don Gaines
Don Sims
Jay Chapman
Jim Kerr
Jim Sharp
John McIntosh
Ken Wallace
Kent Berry
Manson Clement
McKamy Hall
Melvin Elder
Mike Sharp
Rex Calfee
Ron McCall
Shane Clark
Shane Gibson
Steve Crump
T. Roy Jones
Terry Pierce
Wes Smith