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Tonya Dyer

Please pray for my family. I want our 16 year old son to know God and we have been in and out of church but when you invited the 1st responders that opened it up and we all came it was amazing. My husband Bill works for Bradley County Sheriff Office. I watch online and we have been back a couple times. We came the Friday for Easter as well. I want my family in church and I am praying they will agree to go instead of online. I am also praying that our son will open and take God as his lord and savior. I want him to understand and I feel I have failed not having him in church. I just pray today and everyday for this move to happen for our family. My husband Bill had heart bypass surgery 4 years ago I keep telling him God has plans for him. Troy is 16 and at the age he is trying to figure out who he is I want him in the right direction. I pray for them all the time.

Received: June 7, 2021