How to Check In Kids at Church

1. Start at the kiosk.

When you and your family arrive on campus, check in using one of the kiosks. Place the printed name badges on each child and keep the pickup tag for yourself.

Elementary kids only receive 2 (parent and child) stickers total. Preschool kids receive 3 (parent, child, and leader) stickers total. The  group, drop-off location, and pickup location will be listed on the name badge and tags that print at the kiosk.

2. Drop off each child at the proper location.

Drop off each child with the leader in the room listed on the name badge and tag.

Elementary kids will also be provided a group letter (“A” “B” “C”) that corresponds to their table or chair row within the room.

3. Use your child’s tag for authorized pick up after church.

When it’s time to pickup each child, refer to the tag and pickup your child at the location listed on the tag. You’ll need your tag to be authorized to pick up each child.