Awana Clubs at First Baptist Cleveland is Sunday night fun designed for kids age 2 through 5th grades! Each week, kids will join high-energy fun with games, hands-on activities, and projects.

Sundays from 6:00 – 7:30pm

Awana Clubs have concluded for this season. Have a great summer! Awana will start a great new year in the fall.

Kids spend time each week in their small groups reciting Bible verses they learned with their parents during the week and discussing what these verses mean.

Kids join one of four clubs based on their age.

PJ Harrison explains Together We Grow in 90 seconds!

Together We Grow

Pacing Guide

Each grade (Kindergarten – 5th Grades) follows a Pacing Guide and does the same section on the same night. Leaders only listen to that night’s verses at small group / handbook time.

Help at Home

Some sections are designed to be completed at home by a given date. Parents sign off on these sections at home.

Staying on Pace

Parents listen and sign off at home on missing sections.

Getting Ahead

A Fast Track area is available fifteen minutes before the start of club each week for clubbers to say that night’s verses, get ahead in the book, complete extra credit, or catch up on missed sections.

You play a leading role in your child’s spiritual development.

Invest in your child’s growing faith by reading and discussing the Bible and the Awana handbook sections with your child and by helping them memorize the verses each week. The handbooks make it easy to learn more about the Bible and answer your child’s questions.