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During the COVID-19 pandemic, ministries are continually creating special content for everyone to continue their spiritual growth while physically separated.

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Thursday, April 9

Jamie Work of the International Mission Board and Jim Gibson visit the show to talk about mission efforts around the world.

Wednesday, April 8

Steve Hartline of MyMix104.1 visits to discuss how COVID-19 has changed the way he and his team communicates with Cleveland. Eric Yeldell and others worship together.

Tuesday, April 7

Eric Yeldell leads the church in worship, and Pastor Jordan talks with First Baptist Cleveland's newest staff addition: minister to high school students Justin Worden.

Monday, April 6

Owners and operators of Cleveland-area restaurants discuss COVID-19's impact on local business.

Friday, April 3

Drew Akins, Head Football Coach of Walker Valley High School, and Heath Eslinger join the show to discuss staying active while at home. Pastor Jordan shares a daily devotion, and Eric Yeldell leads worship in the Worship center.

Thursday, April 2

Dr. Paul Conn, President of Lee University, visits the show to talk about COVID-19's impact on Cleveland, and Eric, Boogie, and others worship together.

Wednesday, April 1

Three local teachers discuss how COVID-19 is impacting schooling and share how parents can make use of the time at home. Eric and others worship together in the Worship Center.

Tuesday, March 31

Multiple pastors from churches around Cleveland visit to discuss the changing landscape of ministering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monday, March 30

Boogie Butler visits again for more First Daily worship, guest Chad Smith of Cherokee Pharmacy discusses what they're doing to help Cleveland, and Pastor Jordan explains what the Bible says about health and the Great Physician.

Friday, March 27

The directors of schools for Cleveland and Bradley County, Dr. Dyer and Dr. Cash visit to discuss education and service. Eric Yeldell and others lead worship in the Worship Center.

Thursday, March 26

Steve Hartline of MyMix 104.1 FM joins the show, Eric, Kristin, Jeremi, and Amy lead worship, and Justin Malkiewicz shares his #My90SecondStory.

Wednesday, March 25

Jeff Lovingood, Senior Associate Pastor, visits to discuss how ministry is flourishing even in difficult times. The Student Band leads in worship in the living room.

Tuesday, March 24

Pastor Jordan discusses generational impact, Steven Johnston leads worship, and Audra and Ami share helpful tips for schooling at home.

Monday, March 23

Dr. Ernest Easley visits to discuss how families can better help each other during challenging times, and Eric Yeldell helps lead worship in the living room.

Friday, March 20

Pastor Jordan Easley talks with special guest Mayor Kevin Brooks about COVID-19's impact on Cleveland. Eric Yeldell and others worship God together in the living room.

Thursday, March 19

Eric and Kristin Yeldell, Jim Burleson, and Nestor Praniuk worship together in the living room. Pastor Jordan discusses ten things to pray for your children.

Wednesday, March 18

Eric leads for a second day of great worship, Boogie Butler and Steve Morgan visit to share free resources, and Pastor Jordan discusses fear of separation.

Tuesday, March 17

Pastor Jordan Easley, Eric Yeldell, and more gather in the living room to worship and be encouraged by God's Word.

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