Recommended Groups for Married Couples

Sunday at the Main Campus

8:15AM – Mike Sharp class (45-65 yrs) in Room 238
8:15AM – Mike Wallace class (50s) in Room 242

9:45AM – young married couples (Smith) in Room 229
9:45AM – middle aged married in Room 238
9:45AM – middle/older aged married in Room 240/241
9:45AM – oldest married couples (Jones) in Room 225
9:45AM – older married couples (McCall) in Room 232
9:45AM – older married couples (Hunter) in Room 230

11:15AM – middle aged couples (Habermas) in Room 230
11:15AM – 35-55yrs (Jenkins) in Room 225
11:15AM – young married in Room 228
11:15AM – newly married (Allison) in Room 224

Sunday: Off Campus

9:45AM – older married (Fitzgerald) meets at the Senior Center 9:45AM – married couples of teenagers (Walker) meets at the YMCA 6:00PM – 30-40yrs (Renshaw) in room 234

Multiple groups are meeting in community groups around town. If you’re interested in joining or starting a group, please contact [email protected]

Wednesday at the Main Campus

6:00PM – young married (Grisham) in Room 229
6:00PM – Intentional Parenting in Room 237
6:00PM – Ready to Launch in Room 238
6:00PM – Parents of Kids in Room 239 (beginning March 20th)