International Missions

October 2023

News from North Africa

Praises and Follow-up

Things have continued to be challenging for M. Her tormenters continue to try to contact her and threaten her. Yet, praise Him that he has kept her safe from physical harm. It has become clear that it would not be best for her to pursue going to Central Asia at this time. This has been a hard decision process as I worked so hard on the visa process and it is disappointing. At the same time, our concerns for her if she were to go are great. We are now pursuing an option for her to study online which has provided some hope for her of a new opportunity and potential to provide for herself in the future. Her job situation will be changing very soon and she is constantly stressed about money because she doesn't want to have to go back home and live with her family in the village. Please ask for provision for her financially. Her roommate situation is also pretty terrible. Ask for wisdom and provision for her living situation as well. Please continue to lift me up as I try to care for her in the midst of this difficult season. Ask that I will have wisdom in setting boundaries and in loving her sacrificially. Market towns - Our team has visited different market towns this month and it has resulted in great opportunities. We've been invited into two different homes and had the opportunity to share with an entire family! Thank Him for His answers to our requests! Digital Engagement - we have actually not started back our own digital engagement ads because we have been given a number of contacts through other people's efforts. This has been so encouraging, though! Through these efforts, we've been connected with two existing brothers who have already chosen but have never been taught how to follow the Son. Both of these brothers live in towns that we have previously been lifting up! One town I'll call Black Magic Town and the other Route of Light town We have had some opportunities for follow-up with those who heard this summer. Ask for continued meetings and for Him to draw them to Himself.

New Requests

  • Continued prayers for M for the things above.
  • Group coming from TN in December, we have a volunteer group that will be coming to work alongside us for 10 days in December. Please lift up their time here and ask for divine opportunities and that it will be a blessed time.
  • Potential transitions - there are some potential transitions that will take place on our team toward the beginning of the new year. Ask for wisdom and provision in this.

Just an unworthy servant, M