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Being mature in Christ requires continuing effort, intentional development, and prayer.  The men and women of the church should grow their faith in Christ as Savior and their knowledge of Biblical principles by connecting with a family that builds confidence.

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Become a part of one or several of the many weekly groups designed to help you grow and learn. Participating in groups is one of the easiest ways to strengthen yourself beyond personal study time, and it happens in a friendly environment where you can be known personally.

November 12
Journeys of Paul – Tour of Greece & Rome
November 12 – November 23

Travel to and tour dozens of historic locations in Greece, Turkey, and Rome with Pastor Jordan Easley during a special 12 day journey Tuesday, November 12 through Saturday, November 23, 2019!

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The body of Christ doesn't grow without the continued efforts of every believer, and every believer has something to offer. Find a new place to get involved in the effort to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

Worship Choir

The First Baptist Cleveland Choir helps lead worship through music in three weekly worship experiences, concerts, and special events. Much like a large family, the choir is open to anyone interested in worshiping with other believers and enjoying a love for music and Jesus.

Rehearsal on Wednesdays at 7:15pm
Join anytime without an audition


From many musical backgrounds, the orchestra includes people of every skill level from amateur to professional. Functioning as the primary instrumental group that supports the choir and worship team in three weekly worship experiences, the orchestra is contributes to an excellent atmosphere of worship.

Rehearsal on Wednesdays at 6:15pm

Ladies Ensemble

Created for women who love to sing and enjoy the community of other  singers, this ensemble is a group of ladies who worship together. Becoming a part of the Ladies Ensemble requires an audition (available spring and fall).

Rehearsal on Wednesdays at 11:00am
Audition required

Click here to register for the Senior Adult trip to Cumberland County Playhouse (July 23, 2019).